Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008

Dear Diary:
Here's the latest from the Sweet Crude team:

Dear Friends of Sweet Crude:

For the last two and a half years, we’ve been working to not only make a movie, but to make change. If you’re reading this email, it’s because you’ve expressed interest, offered support or taken action to help with that change.

Thank you. Every phone call made, email sent, screening attended, meeting arranged, conversation had, dollar spent…every moment of attention you've given is paying off.

Today, it feels like we’re close to a tipping point. There’s momentum for change in the Niger Delta. The world is starting to pay attention—and we believe it's not too late.

With our crew safely home, we’ve met with the offices of the 14 lawmakers who signed the letter calling for their release. Congressional commitments have been made to focus on the Delta and figure out the right action to take. The media has stepped up, not only with coverage, but the right kind of coverage. Two hundred Seattleites showed up on a rainy Monday night to talk about the issues. People are learning about and caring about this place, so far away yet so connected to our lives in the U.S. This is a hopeful and powerful moment.

This editorial was published in the Seattle Times today.

You can listen to a podcast and comment on the story here:

Please take this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Check the News page of our web site—we’ll be updating it frequently with Sandy’s latest radio interviews and other media coverage. We’ve also added a page with some action steps, including an easy way to thank the U.S. legislators who spoke out during the detainment:

In taking a stand for human rights, environmental rights and justice in the Niger Delta, we stand up for people everywhere who are dehumanized and disregarded in the name of resources like oil. In taking a stand for third-party monitored, all-inclusive stakeholder negotiations, we stand up for preventive diplomacy that could turn this crisis from the path to war.

This is the time to continue to educate, agitate and advocate. From resource control to journalistic suppression to militancy to international accountability—it’s a big conversation. Let’s keep talking.

Very best from all of us at Sweet Crude Movie

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