Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Dear Diary:
Sorry for the long delay but here's an update:

Dear Friends of Sweet Crude Movie:

What music would you pick to keep it together under the most terrifying of circumstances? Find out what songs got the Sweet Crude crew through a horrific night ride under armed guard during their detainment in Nigeria. Filmmaker Sandy Cioffi was interviewed recently by KUOW about the playlist. Listen to the interview here. (Sandy is 34 minutes into the Sound Focus broadcast.) You can also find the link at sweetcrudemovie.com.

On other fronts: We are deep in editing, pedaling like mad to finish the film by the Sundance festival deadline. We are scheduling some fundraisers. And still doing what we can to call for third-party monitored negotiations to resolve the deteriorating situation in the Niger Delta.

More news when we have it.

As always, many thanks for your interest and support.

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