Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sweet Crude the Movie is in Trouble!

Dear Friends of Sweet Crude:

We got some great news last week: our Nigerian-American colleague Joel Bisina, who was detained with the crew in April, won his suit against the Nigerian government for unlawful imprisonment. You can read about it at This is a strong judgment for human rights. We are thrilled for Joel.

Unfortunately, being Americans, the rest of the crew have no legal recourse for damages. Which is why we’re counting on you.

We’ve only sold one-tenth of the posters we need to put Sweet Crude back on the solid footing necessary to finish the film. Right now we’re facing the heartbreaking possibility that we won’t be able to meet our final post-production costs.

If it’s within your means, PLEASE help. It’s quick, easy and urgently needed (and the poster is very cool!). Go to

If you can’t buy a poster yourself, please help by spreading the word widely and consider making a smaller donation at

Over the last two years and especially during our detainment, so many of you asked what you could do to help. This is the what. Now’s the time. We really need you.

Thanks so much.
Sandy Cioffi, Filmmaker

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