Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14 2008 12:03 p.m.

Dear Diary:
Stomach in knots...can't much information coming and yet not coming. Seems like the more we know the more questions are raised. Have had word from a representative of the Overseas Citizen Services (OCS) in the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs who has spoken with a representative of the Embassy in Nigeria who visited with Sean (and apparently the others) and had this to report:

They complained of being tired. They did not complain about being mistreated. They supposedly are given medication if needed but he could not confirm that this included their regular Malaria meds which are crucial. They have not been "arrested" or "charged" but are being "detained for questioning."
The ‘local authorities” are conducting an investigation. They have been told that investigation will be concluded “shortly." The have continued to insist they did nothing wrong. They are in the custody of the SSS (rather than the JTF--Joint Task Force-- which is what we had been told) and the consul rep met with the Director of Operations of the SSS. We have been told both that it is unclear exactly where they are being held or the conditions and alternately that their accommodations are quite good. We don't know when or if their attorney will have access to them, though this might not happen until such time that they might be formally charged. Apparently the next step is for the embassy to contact the Director of SSS tomorrow (it is 8 hours later there) for an update.

So...basically...we know very little. As I said, more questions than answers...

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