Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008 8:53 a.m. (3:54 p.m. Nigeria Time)

Dear Diary:
It is David's birthday today. We are cautiously hoping that his best present will be his son on a plane headed for American soil. The celebrating will commence when we know that he is at least in Amsterdam. Kind of a lousy birthday week. Not the way one hopes to spend a birthday. But, God willing, will work out fine.

Laurie and I spent hours yesterday afternoon on a mission of love. We scoured and scrubbed every inch of the loft! It is so squeaky clean that you can practically eat off the floor! It was good to keep occupied and do something hopeful and positive...we are confidently making plans for his arrival!

Last night the whole family gathered at the loft to drink a toast to his impending release and to create a giant love note--all the well wishes and prayers printed out on slips of paper and mounted on their giant bulletin boards with photos of folks who have been praying for them and thinking of them. It will show such an outpouring that he could not have imagined. We hope that he will spend days reading them. It was good to reread them ourselves--from the vulgar and brief to the lengthy and poignant.

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